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We Must Face FailureAs we all know, "Failure is the mother of success." But few people can really understand what the saying means.In the world, I am sure that no one dare say he hasn't met any trouble all his life. So we must face failure. In fact, failure is not fearful, but important thing is how to face it correctly. Facing failure, people will never take their fate lying down.They will try their best to work harder and harder until at last they succeed.Not being courageous to face setbacks, people have no chance to enjoy the pleasure of success. So they have nothing to do but feel sad and empty all day and all night. In fact, they lose the chance of success themselves.My friend, whenever in trouble, please remember, "Failure is the mother of success.




Failure doesn't mean you are a failure,失败并不代表你是个失败者 It does mean you haven't succeeded yet.它只表明你尚未成功

Failure doesn't mean you have accomplished nothing, 失败并不代表你一无所获 It does mean you have learned something.它只表明你吸取了一次教训 Failure doesn't mean you have been a fool, 失败并不代表你很愚蠢 It does mean you had a lot of faith.它只表明你信心百倍

Failure doesn't mean you've been disgraced, 失败并不代表你无脸见人 It does mean you were willing to try.它只表明你百折不回

Failure doesn't mean you don't have it, 失败并不代表白费功夫

It does mean you have to do something in a different way.它只表明你的方法仍待改进 Failure doesn't mean you are inferior, 失败并不代表你低人一等 It does mean you are not perfect.它只表明你也并非完人

Failure doesn't mean you've wasted your life, 失败并不代表你浪费了生命 It does mean you have a reason to start afresh.它只表明你有理由重新开始 Failure doesn't mean you should give up, 失败并不代表你应该放弃 It does mean you must try harder.它只表明你要加倍努力

Failure doesn't mean you'll never make it, 失败并不代表成功永远不属于你 It does mean it will take a little longer.它只表明你可能需要付出更多的时间 Failure doesn't mean God has abandoned you, 失败并不代表上帝已经将你抛弃 It does mean God has a better idea.它只表明上帝还有更好的主意


Don't listen to those who say,别听那些人的话 It's not done that way.这是不能那么做

Maybe it's not, but maybe you will.也许是不能那么做,可是也许你就会那么做

Don't listen to those who say, 别听那些人的话

You're taking too big a chance.你这个险冒得太大了

Michelangelo would have painted the Sistine Floor,米开朗其罗可能在西斯廷教堂里的地板上做过画

and it would surely be rubbed out by today.到今天肯定已经被抹掉了

Most importantly, don't listen ,When the little voice of fear

inside of you rear its ugly head and says, they’re all smarter than you out there. They’re more talented, They're taller, blonder, prettier, luckier and have connections…


I firmly believe that if you follow a path that interests you, not to the exclusion of love, sensitivity, and cooperation with others, But with the strength of conviction,That you can move others by your own efforts, 你千万别理会,我坚信,只要选择一条你感兴趣的路,不排除爱情,敏锐以及与别人的合作,而且坚定的认为通过你自身的努力就能感动他人

And do not make success or failure the criteria by which you live,不把成功或者失败作为你生活的标准

The chances are you'll be a person worthy of your own respect.那么你就可能成为值得自己敬佩的人


Faith is the eternal elixir which gives life, power, and action to the impulse of thought?

Faith is the starting point of all accumulation of riches! Faith is the basis of all miracles,

And all mysteries which cannot be analyzed by the rules of science!

Faith is the only known antidote for failure! Faith is the element, the chemical which,

When mixed with prayer, gives one direct communication with Infinite Intelligence.

Faith is the element which transforms the ordinary vibration of thought, created by the finite mind of man, into the spiritual equivalent.青春励志英语短文

Faith is the only agency through which the cosmic force of Infinite

Intelligence can be harnessed and used by man.

Jump on the ride of life And live a new adventure With perseverance And an open mind.

4. 论变化

Change is the only absolute In the world,

The only thing that you can depend on . Nothing stays the same. Tomorrow will come, Bringing with it

New beginnings and sometimes Unexpected endings .

You can hold on to the past And get left in the dust; Or, you can choose to


The man who wants a garden fair,

Or small or very big,


With flowers growing here and there,

Must bend his back and dig.

The things are mighty few on earth, That wishes can attain,


Whatever we want of any worth, We've got to work to gained

It matters not what goal you seek, Its secret here reposes:

You've got to dig from week to week, To get results or roses.


To realize the value of one year:要想知道一年的价值

Ask a student who has failed a final exam.就去问期末考试不及格的同学

To realize the value of one month: 要想知道一个月的价值 Ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby. 就去问生那早产儿的母亲

To realize the value of one week: 要想知道一周的价值 Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper. 就去问问周报的编辑 To realize the value of one hour: 要想知道一小时的价值 Ask the lovers who are waiting to meet. 就去问等待相会的恋人

To realize the value of one minute: 要想知道一分钟的价值

Ask a person who has missed the train, bus or plane. 那就去问问误了火车汽车或飞机的人

To realize the value of one second: 要想知道一秒的价值 Ask a person who has survived an accident. 就去问大难不死的人

To realize the value of one millisecond: 要想知道一毫秒的价值

Ask the person who has won a silver medal in the Olympics. 就去问问奥运会获得银牌的人 Time waits for no one.时间不等人

Treasure every moment you have.你拥有的每一分每一秒都要珍惜


Your tomorrows are as bright As you want to make them. There is no reason to carry The darkness of the past With you into today

Today is a wonderful new experience'a3'ac Full of every possibility to make

Your life exactly what you want it to be Today is the beginning of new happiness, New directions and new relationships

Today is the day to remind yourself That you posses the power And strength you need

To bring contentment, love and joy into your life Today is the day to understand you And to give yourself the love And the patience that you need Today is the day to move forward Towards your bright tomorrow


Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die

Life is a broken winged bird That cannot fly.


Hold fast to dreams For when dreams go Life is a barren field Frozen with snow.

And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference. To leave the world a little better, Whether by a healthy child, A Garden patch,

Or a redeemed social condition; To have played and laughed With enthusiasm

And sung with exultation; To know even one life has Breathed easier

Because you have lived…… This is to have succeeded.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim, Because it was grassy and wanted wear; Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same,


What is success?

To laugh often and love much;

To win the respect of Intelligent people

And the affection of children;

To earn the

Approbation of honest critics And endure the betrayal of false Friends;

To appreciate beauty; To find the best in others; To give one's Self;


《青春励志名言 英文》

青春励志英语短文。  one of the most dangerous forms of human error is forgetting what one is trying to achieve.


  ——paul nitze

  if you do not plant knowledge when young, it will give us no shade when we are old.



  a man's not old, but mellow, like good wine.

  人不会老朽, 而是越来越有味道,就像美酒。

  ——stephen phillips

  the world is like a mirror; frown at it and it frowns at you; smile and it smiles too.



  high expectations are the key to everything.


  ——sam walton

  of this i am quite sure, that if we open a quarrel between the past and the present, we shall find we have lost the future.

  有一点我可以确信,如果我们就过去和现在展开一场争吵, 我们就会发现我们已失去将来。


  a at obstacle to happiness is to anticipate too at a happiness.



  unhappy, hope; happy, be cautions.


  ——robert burton

  the world is like a mirror; frown at it and it frowns at you; smile and it smiles too.



  ideal is the beacon. without ideal, there is no secure direction; without a direction, there is no life.


  ——leo tolstoy

  one may miss the mark by aiming too high as too low.


  ——thomas fuller

  life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.


  ——annette funicello

  life's like a play: it's not the length, but the excellence of the acting that matters.



  pross is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow.



  time drops in decay, like a candle burnt out.


  ——willian yeats

  to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.



  youth is a blunder; manhood a struggle; old age a ret.


  ——benjamin disraeli

  ages are all equal, but genius is always above it's age.


  ——william blake




  Good morning ladies and gentlmen,It is my great pleasure to stand here to present my speech—— As you slowly open your eyes, look around, notice where the light comes into your room;

  listen carefully, see if there are new sounds you can recognize;

  feel with your body and spirit, and see if you can sense the freshness in the air. Yes, yes, yes, it’s a new day, it’s a different day, and it’s a bright day! And most importantly, it’s a new beginning for your life, a beginning where you are going to make new decisions, take new actions, make new friends, and take your life to a totally unprecedented(空前的) level. In your mind’s eye, you can see clearly the things you want to have, the paces you intend to go, the relationships you desire to develop, and the positions you aspire(励志) to reach. You can hear your laughters of joy and happiness on the day when everything happens as you dream. You can see the smiles on the people around you when the magic moment strikes. You can feel your face is getting red, your heart is beating fast, and your blood is rushing all over your body, to every single corner of your being! You know all this is real as long as you are confident, passionate and committed!(效忠的) And you are confident, you are passionate, you are committed! You will no longer fear making new sounds, showing new facial expressions, using your body in new ways, approaching new people, and asking new questions. You will live every single day of your life with absolute passion, and you will show your passion through the words you speak and the actions you take. You will focus all your time and effort on the most important goals of your life. You will never succumb(屈服,屈从) to challenges of hardships. You will never waver(动摇) in your pursuit of excellence. After all, you are the best, and you deserve the best! As your coach and friend, I can assure you the door to all the best things in the world will open to you, but the key to that door is in your hand. You must do your part. You must faithfully follow the plans you make and take the actions you plan;

  you must never quit and you must never fear. I know you must do it, you can do it, you will do it, and you will succeed! Now stand firm and tall, make a fist, get excited, and yell it out: I must do it! I can do it! I will do it! I will succeed! I must do it! I can do it! I will do it! I will succeed! I must do it! I can do it! I will do it! I will succeed!


  :so if we want to learn english well ,we must practice reading englisheveryday ,acturally practicing repeatly is the best way to succeed.whenyou speak ,don't care how poorly or how well you speak just care aboutcatching the chance to speak……

  hello! ladies and gentlemen, it is so nice to meet you !i am gladthat you can spend this precious time having this class in thisafternoon.

  now please allow me to introduce myself to you .my name is wangjia and imajored in traffic engineering .baoji is my hometown it is verybeautiful. and the people are very friendly.

  as we all knowen thingking is easy acting is difficult and to putone's thoughts into actions is the most difficult thing in the world.

  so if we want to learn english well ,we must practice reading englisheveryday ,acturally practicing repeatly is the best way to succeed.whenyou speak ,don't care how poorly or how well you speak just care aboutcatching the chance to speak ,enjoy losing face or just forget your facebecause the more you speak the better your english will become,neverafraid ofmaking mistakes because the more mistakes you make the more progress you will make.as a man living in the world ,we must try our best to makeeach day our masterpiece and don't let our parents down ,don't ever letour country down ,most importantly don't let ourself down.

  yesterday is a memory tommorrow is a dream so live for todayjust do it right now.i believe if you can dream it you can make it ,ifyou do you will win if you don't you won't.believe in youself trustyouself try your best. don't give up ,never give in, never lose hope ,never say impossible .the success is coming ! thank you !











  1,Bad times make a good man. 艰难困苦出能人。

  2,There is no royal road to learning. 求知无坦途。

  3,The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart. 世界上对勇气的最大考验是忍受失败而不丧失信心。

  4,A man's best friends are his ten fingers. 人最好的朋友是自己的十个手指。

  5,Only they who fulfill their duties in everyday matters will fulfill them on great occasions. 只有在日常生活中尽责的人才会在重大时刻尽责。

  6,The sho-rtest way to do many things is to only one thing at a time. 做许多事情的捷径就是一次只做一件事。

  7,Sow nothing, reap nothing. 春不播,秋不收。  8,Life is real, life is earnest. 人生真实,人生诚挚。

  9,Life would be too smooth if it had no rubs in it. 生活若无波折险阻,就会过于平淡无奇。

  10,Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions fo-rm insufficient premises. 生活是一种艺术,要在不充足的前提下得出充足的结论。

  网:Life is but a hard a-n-d to-rtuous journey. 人生即是一段艰难曲折的旅程,人生无坦途。














  1. 如果可以再相爱一次,我发誓一定用合适的方式来爱你。 If we fell in love again I swear I'd love you right.

  2. 不是假装沉默,只是无力诉说。 Not pretend to be silent but have no strength to complain.

  3. 任何一件事情,只要心甘情愿,总是能够变得简单。 Any one thing, as long as be most willing to, always simple.

  4. 我只是怀念曾经,却忘记了我们都已不是曾经的自己。 I just miss once, but forget that we have not had their own.

  5. 生命是一束纯净的火焰,我们依靠自己内心看不见的太阳而存在。 Life is apure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us.

  6. 苍白的文字有谁会看出这一个人的辛酸。 Pale words who can see this person's bitter

  7. 时间会摒弃那些滑稽的誓言,直至我们也苟同。 Time will abandon those funny oath, until we also agree.

  8. 幸福中总会掺加那些悲哀的元素。 Happiness by adding those sad there the elements.

  9. 没有人值得你流泪,值得让你这么做的人不会让你哭泣。 no man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry.

  10. 幸福是年华的沉淀,微笑是寂寞的悲伤。 Happiness is time precipitation, smile is the lonely sad.

  11. 借鉴昨天,活在今天,憧憬明天。 Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

  12. 有时爱情是朵含蓄的花,需要时间才会怒放。 sometime affection is a shy flower that takes time to blossom

  13. 不回头,只是还没找到留下的理由。 Don't look back, just haven't found leave your reasons.

  14. 苍白的月光下,我和影子述说寂寞。 Pale moonlight, I declare lonely and shadow.

15. 每个人生命里都会有那么一个人,让自己期待新一天的到


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